Itch Away Salve


2 fl. oz.

Made with herbs that are known to be soothing to the skin and vulnerary (wound healing)

Ingredients: Oatstraw* (Avena sativa), calendula* (Calendula officinalis), and chickweed* (Stellaria media) infused grape seed and olive oils*, beeswax, peppermint essential oil

*Organic Ingredients

As with all skincare products, if this contains ingredients that are new to you, it’s best to do a patch test. Apply a small amount to your skin and wait several hours to be sure you aren’t irritated by any of the ingredients.

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Hello and welcome! I’m a practicing herbalist and holistic nutritionist with decades of experience using plants as medicine. I’ve been making herbal skin care products for many years, using high quality organic ingredients.

How are high quality herbal infused oils, creams, and salves created? The first step is to infuse potent herbs into high quality oils. I either long infuse for over a month, or double infuse (complete the process twice) to extract more of the herb’s beneficial properties. Next the oils are either blended with a bit of pure essential oil and bottled as it – or used as a base for making hydrating lotions, and healing salves.

All products are handmade with love in small batches

Let me know if you have a particular herb, oil, or essential oil that you’d like me to use to create a custom cream or salve