Healing and Gratitude


Rose’s Experience

Good morning Judy,

I’ve been wanting to let you know how much I have been using and appreciating your Personalized Health Plan. Combined with the notes I took during our late November 2017 consultation, I have been experiencing improvements.

As I feel ready, I just add another 1 or 2 things that you have suggested and that feel right, and this last thing I added a few weeks ago really hit things out of the ball park - the Probonix!

I just wanted you to know that this is the first probiotic I have ever taken (and I’ve taken quite a few) that actually improved my wellbeing in many ways, i.e., my digestion feels easier and better, my energy levels are up, my sense of wellbeing is up.

I am able to tolerate things more easily as I add them as well. All this is very satisfying and I look forward to more improvements as I continue. 

Again, just a quick note to let you know how powerfully helpful your intuition, your suggestions, your work (along with my own of course) is and that you are appreciated.
— M. Rose

Ari’s Experience

I had unresolved thyroid, fatigue, hair loss issues for a number of years and was unable to make progress with my healing. When I contacted Judy she genuinely listened, really wanted to understand what I was feeling and took the time to thoroughly explain a protocol that she recommended to help me. With Judy’s guidance my Epstein-Barr improved after a few months and over almost 2 years my hair has grown back thicker than ever, my thyroid has leveled and my fatigue has improved tremendously.I had a wonderful energy healing session with Judy, it triggered many emotions for me, an emotional detox, which then resulted in my feeling truly calm and peaceful - I look forward to future healing sessions with Judy! I am grateful to Judy for her kindness, healing energy and the health knowledge and guidance she continues to share with me.
— Ari R.

Kathy’s Experience

Consider yourself lucky if you are fortunate enough to come across someone who truly cares. That person for me was Judy.

Judy, an intuitive health coach, helped navigate and guide me through some difficult times.  As a gifted energy healer, Judy would send me energy to ease my pain.  Her knowledge of meal planning and nutrition made my life so much easier.  Judy patiently answered all my questions — offering wonderful tips on the many herbs available and their uses. This actually made cooking enjoyable!

The wisdom Judy has imparted into my life has been priceless. Thank you Judy for all you do to change people’s lives for the better.
— Kathy L.

Francine’s Experience

I have been working on my healing for many years and it wasn’t until recently that I purchased a Medical Medium book. A couple of weeks later I found out that I had endometrial cancer so I knew immediately that my healing work had to become REAL and I had to focus on myself now more than anything else. I found Judy’s name on a blog – I went to her site and immediately booked an energy healing appointment. Two days later there I was in my recliner resting and being part of an incredible experience. While Judy was doing her work, I had many visions on my own that brought so many things to light. It was like therapy X 100 – all of a sudden I had answers to all these things I had been searching for. Judy suggested what to eat and I acknowledge and understand that my intake is 100% medicinal now, and it must become this in order to stay alive. She gave me a wonderful meditation that I am doing every day to ground myself and recharge myself. 

I know that this all sounds so lighthearted – but what I want to really explain to you is that I have been working so hard on myself for so many years and was able to get far but this WALL seemed to always get in the way. Judy took me right through that wall and showed me what was inside it. I actually knew what was on each brick but Judy showed me how it was all glued together. And that’s the information I was missing. So this is so huge and so amazing.  And that I had to get to life and death to finally understand it – so be it. But now I just know that this will be resolved – I will get to the other side and I will be so FREE and so HAPPY. 

I am so grateful that Judy was put in my path.

And thankful to all my guides, healers, angels and everyone who is cheering for me to figure this all out.
— Francine L.

Tanya’s Experience

Judy’s advice and expertise over the past 12 months have not only been instrumental in relieving my symptoms but have also changed my whole wellbeing. Her professional calm manner as well as her knowledge and her natural gift and perception for healing makes her completely unique.

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune condition in  mainstream medicine and therefore deemed incurable. Intuitively knowing this wasn’t true, I went on a quest for a cure.   

On our initial consultation, Judy instantly identified the root causes of my health concerns as well as deficiencies I had. She put together a health management plan that uniquely  addressed my individual needs. After only two weeks of following the new dietary protocol, the symptoms I had started to subside. This was close to a miracle as I hadn’t even started on any supplementation by then! My health has gradually improved ever since and even though I realized that healing is not a linear process and doesn’t happen overnight, I could see and feel my body slowly healing itself.

Now, one year later, I am full of energy and vitality, I am less stressed and more centered. Thanks to Judy I am fueling my body with the correct food. I understand my body in a new light and have learned the tools to my own health and wellbeing and listen to my body’s needs.

Judy, the world is a better place because of your shining light, love and concern for others. You have lifted me from despair to light! Thank you.
— Tanya, Australia

Lisa’s Experience

 Judy’s guidance for improving my health has been invaluable. Judy has given me the gift of nurturing myself by gently suggesting that I look at my resistance to food preparation. As someone who seriously disliked being in the kitchen I now have a healthy reverence for preparing the foods that sustain my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. My life has changed! Thank-you, Judy!
— Lisa J.

Shilo’s Experience

I find Judy absolutely wonderful to work with. I find her extremely easy to talk with. She is relatable, caring and gives clear, detailed information as well as helpful nutrition and herbal information to aid the body in healing. I am feeling quite a bit better, with Judy’s help, and I plan to keep her on my team indefinitely. She’s been great!
— Shilo F.

Toni’s Experience

Judy is all heart! I am honored to work with her. I am sure you will be too!

Her love and genuine caring for her fellow man (or woman) is remarkable. She offers sage-like wisdom and always guides you through - beginning to end. You will never feel alone or unsure when Judy is on your team!

She also offers a wide variety of healing modalities. Be it her relaxing guided meditations, ethereal singing bowls, or her flavorful vegan recipes, Judy is sure to find a way into your heart’s healing center! 

I am grateful for Judy’s role in my transformation, and have full confidence in her abilities to help all who seek her divine guidance!
— Toni

Deborah’s Experience

She was very practical and specific so that was helpful.
— Deborah B.

Stafford’s Experience

At my wife’s suggestion, I contacted Judy DeLorenzo on 12/16/2014 for my recurring and bothersome symptoms: high blood pressure (140/90 – 150/100), kidney stones, allergies/sinus, to which a new one had recently been added:  ringing in the ears.  Judy called me back the following day.  

Judy’s recommendations of herbs and change of diet resulted in now normal blood pressure readings (103/72 – 116/77) to which my M.D. has all but eliminated my blood pressure medication; no more kidney stones (hallelujah!); and no more ringing in the ears (double hallelujah!). All these results have come about in six months or less.

I cannot speak highly enough of Judy’s awesome ability and knowledge, based on my experience. Do I recommend Judy DeLorenzo? In a heartbeat ....
— Stafford

Petrica’s Experience

I had my Annual Mammogram Screening in early December 2014 and was told there was “something there they didn’t like”, and I’d have to come back for another (more detailed) Mammogram. I was told January 05, 2015 would be the earliest they could take me. Whoa!! I had always gone for my Annual Check-up, Mammogram Screening, etc., and never had an issue ... and now they wanted me back, but were going to let me hang for almost a month over Christmas and New Year’s!

I called Judy and she returned my call that very day. Told her about my dilemma, and she said she felt it was nothing to fear and be concerned about, and that at the end, I would know it was nothing but one big inconvenience. However, in the meantime she suggested I take some specific mushrooms, herbs, etc., and even told me where I could purchase them via Amazon. I followed her directions. I also suggested that my husband contact Judy regarding his recurring health issues (i.e., allergies, sinuses, kidney stones), which he did. He also followed her suggestions, but that will be his story in another testimonial.

Thank God I had Judy’s words tattooed/engraved onto my brain when she spoke them: “I get it’s nothing but a big inconvenience”, because that is precisely what I always replayed every time I would think about this. The Holidays went by happily and worry-free.

January 2015 I went to my appointment for a more detailed Mammogram and was told they saw something there that they thought were a grouping of calcifications. They were 80% sure that that’s what it was, but said there’s always that 20% chance it’s something worse. They felt they needed to do a Breast Stereotactic Biopsy, scheduled for the following week. Went in to have it done, and (lo & behold) they couldn’t find these “groupings”. Sent me home. I thought a miracle had occurred, and I was fine with that. They were not ... guess they don’t believe in miracles. They now wanted me to have General Surgery and a Lumpectomy because they felt these “groupings” were close to the chest wall / rib cage, which is why they couldn’t find them during the Breast Biopsy. Well, that was a bit overwhelming ... when I asked about other options, and why we couldn’t wait 6 months or so, they said it was not a good idea. Anyway, every time I came home I would call Judy with the updates, and she was kind, reassuring, and had sound advice for me.

In March 2015 I went in to the Hospital to have a General Surgeon do the Lumpectomy. Two days later he called first thing in the morning to tell me it was all “benign” and the mass was a “grouping of calcifications”. No further treatment needed, he said. Glorious words.

Judy DeLorenzo practically held my hand via telephone and emails throughout this whole ordeal, and I am ever so grateful to her for her ability, insight, knowledge, kindness, and caring. I would suggest to anybody that has health issues and are not sure which way to go, or what to do .... don’t waste time worrying and thinking too much about it, pick up the phone and call Judy! And may your health issue turn out to be nothing but “one big inconvenience” also.
— Petrica

Cary’s Experience

Judy is one of those people that are like a lovely mixture of 5 of your very favorite ice cream flavors, and once you talk to her you’ll look forward to connecting with her again and again and again. Her intuition is spot on. Her advice is a combination of wisdom, practicality, love, insight and support. I was feeling very ill when I called her the first time and within 3 days of her suggestions I was feeling significantly better, that got my attention. She has a gorgeous heart, be careful you might fall in love with her over the phone, I bet many have.
— Cary

Katy’s Experience

Judy has been instrumental in my healing process and is incredibly gifted at what she does. She has helped me immensely in all areas: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.

Judy has the gift of bringing a person back to center, and helped me feel true clarity and love for the first time in my life. Before working with Judy, I was an insomniac, workaholic, anxiety-laden woman. In just a few sessions, she has helped me grow and helped steer me toward my own inner wisdom in making necessary steps in order to move forward in my life, no longer being held back, while simultaneously helping me balance out energetically, getting “back to center.” My sleeping habits have drastically improved, and can now sleep some nights without any need for supplements or drugs. I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

She has also been extraordinarily helpful with my diet regimen, which allows me to have more energy throughout the day, which means, more work gets done AND I have more time for myself.

I have suffered from PTSD since childhood, and now my “triggers” are much more manageable, allowing me to move forward and feel less “stuck” in so many areas. I highly recommend Judy’s services! She is wonderful in every way!
— Katy

Linda’s Experience

I am married to an amazing man that I have known since I was 4 years old, we actually grew up across the street from each other. On the days leading up to our wedding I completely lost my voice, but regained a very hoarse version just in time to whisper, “I do”. Every year since, around the time of our September anniversary, I have had the same problem lasting up to 3 months - no voice, or a bare whisper! It’s been frustrating, exhausting and every doctor I went to throughout the years thought it was a reaction to an allergen, such as ragweed, given the time of the year. Each anniversary my husband always joked that my lack of voice was his “anniversary present”. It happened every year- all 45 of them! Sometimes I still didn’t have my voice back by Christmas and my husband would joke that it was also his “Christmas present”.

Last September my voice was gone once again, and it was the night before I was scheduled to teach a class to a large group. I was totally frustrated, and worried about how I would manage teaching 7 hours of lecture and discussion the next day. I had tried everything - allergy pills, gargling, resting my voice for hours on end, and plenty of water but still no voice. Then at around 11:30 PM I remembered how 20 years prior I worked with a Reiki therapist who commented that I “had an awful lot of issues going on in the area of my throat”. I knew that my cousin Judy was involved in holistic healing so I sent her a Facebook message asking if she knew anything about Reiki. Amazingly, Judy was on Facebook at the time and responded immediately. I explained the problem, she asked me when it had started, I responded the week before I got married 45 years ago – and every year since. Judy asked, “why didn’t you want to get married?’”

I was dumbfounded, I couldn’t wait to get married! I practically ran down the aisle. I had loved Roger for 4 years, he was truly my soul mate. At this point I was thinking that maybe I should just thank Judy for her time and get some rest. But Judy was persistent and continued to ask questions. She asked, “If you truly wanted to get married, then what else was causing issues at that time?”

Then the answer started coming to light. You see, in 1968 there were real concerns about interfaith marriages. Roger was Lutheran, I was Roman Catholic. In fact, we weren’t even sure my husband’s parents were going to come to the wedding until 2 weeks before!  His grandparents and aunt actually refused to come. Every neighbor, and every aunt and uncle had reasons why we should NOT get married, I constantly received messages from family and friends about the problems our children would have. They were concerned about how we would celebrate holidays and where would we go to church? Judy came back with her own question, “how did you respond to everyone’s comments?” The truth was that I didn’t!  This was 1968 and we didn’t talk back to our elders, we were polite, we kept quiet. Women’s Lib was in its infancy. I behaved as I was taught and kept quiet, although I was often seething inside.  

Judy explained that bottling up my feelings was the cause of 45 years of recurring laryngitis. She said the energy in my throat chakra had shut down when I stuffed my feelings and bit my tongue, when what I really wanted to do was tell them all where to go! She said that the pattern had been set and it replayed each fall during the time of our anniversary giving me the opportunity to “learn the lesson”. She told me it would help to acknowledge and send love/compassion to my traumatized “younger self” and it would help to forgive all of those elders who probably truly thought they were helping me at the time. I had behaved according to the dictated behavior of the times, and I needed to let it all go. 

Judy told me that she would do long distance work that night to release this stuck energy, and she also gave me a visualization exercise to do as I went off to sleep to help with this release.  Interesting side note, I coughed quite a bit before bedtime (around the time that Judy did her long distance work)!

The next morning, when I woke up my husband asked if I wanted anything.   I responded, “I’d love a cup of tea”.  We both were stunned that I had my voice back!  I WAS FINE!  My voice was clear and strong even through 7 hours of lecture and discussion and through conversations at breaks and lunch!

Later that evening I spoke to Judy and excitedly told her how well things went.  We shared stories and that’s when I realized that Judy had woke up in the middle of the night coughing and choking to the point that her husband was worried!  Evidently we were both clearing something!  Amazing.

But not only that, my voice stayed strong and clear throughout the whole season last year. And when this year’s difficult allergy season arrived, I still didn’t lose my voice!   For the first time in 46 years during our anniversary, my voice was strong, clear, and constant.  No more jokes about my “quiet” anniversary present.  This year I could tell my husband loud and clear how much I truly loved him!  I can’t thank Judy enough.  She is truly gifted.
— Linda Sepso

Angel’s Experience

The first time Judy and I spoke, I felt her compassionate heart and sincere concern for what I was going through. I immediately felt comfortable speaking with her and she felt like an old friend. Judy listened intently as I spoke about my health struggles. During the course of our conversation, she kept focusing on my home and asking me questions. I was a bit confused as to why she was so concerned about my home. Then Judy told me that she was feeling my house was “spiritually” unsafe and that her thoughts kept going to my home as being a contributing problem to my ill health. I then told her that my home was in my family for many years and that I did experience paranormal activity in my home, as did other family members, but never really let it upset me. One room in particular, seemed to be a “hot spot.” This room had been mine as a child and my youngest daughter was now sleeping in that room and experiencing many health issues and complaining of seeing and hearing things up there. She had since moved down to a guest room because she was too afraid to be in the room alone at night. I’m not one to be easily shaken or stirred by something of this nature but I did notice that visitors to my home seemed to sense an ominous vibe also and would urge me to “just get rid of the house.” So when Judy seemed to immediately pick up on this problem, I started to take this seriously. I knew there was an issue but wouldn’t allow myself to give it energy. Little did I know, it doesn’t matter if you do not willingly give it energy.....it takes it from you any way it can!! And that’s exactly what it was doing to my daughter and I. Judy and I spoke at length concerning this. We decided that it was best not to tell my youngest daughter of this as it might scare her more. I have to admit, I was scared when I had to face what was going on in my beloved home. Judy told me not to be afraid. She comforted me and gave me very powerful words to say. She helped me to find that inner strength and peace to be able to get through the next couple of days of spiritual cleansing that needed to be done.

During the days leading up to the spiritual cleansing of my home, Judy was preparing herself, as was I. We were both praying and focusing and in that time leading up to the actual cleansing, I experienced some things that made me realize we were on the correct path. Unexplainable things, positive signs that told me that little by little Judy was handling this effectively even in the early stages. I felt a shift of some sort before she even completed the cleansing. Then the day came. The day she was to completely cleanse my home, lead the unhealthy entities out and allow the positive energy in. That day I made sure nobody was home but me. I wanted to handle my childhood home by myself with Judy. Judy started from the bottom of my home and worked all the way to the top room, the “hot spot”, my old childhood bedroom and now my daughters room. There she completed her cleansing. I immediately felt this heaviness lift! I was having years of trouble breathing, like someone was sitting on my chest.....and it was gone! I also felt this positive energy that I never felt before because I was living in such negativity for my whole life and didn’t even realize it! The house seemed brighter than I ever remembered! I felt energized! Judy and I spoke more about what we just experienced and how amazing it was! I thanked her and it was done! But what happened next was truly remarkable. My youngest daughter came home, not having any idea of what just transpired. She had not been sleeping in that room for awhile now and would just spend day time hours up there. When she returned, she went straight up to her room and yelled down to me “Mom, come up here now!!! I have lady bugs covering my window! You have to see this!” Low and behold.....a window full of lady bugs....the window that was a “trouble spot” in the room. I was shocked and it moved me to tears.

Since that day, I’ve gotten many comments from friends and family that the house feels “different”....positive and lighter. My daughter is at ease in her room now. My house feels like mine now! I never realized the “heaviness” in it until it was gone! Now my older, grown daughter has expressed her interest in buying the house from me when before she never wanted it. We all feel this sense of calm and peace here now. Years of darkness have been cleared and room was made for happiness and light! My health is complicated but for the first time in years, I feel a positive forward motion. I have new hope for the future. And I’ve gained a wonderful friend with a compassionate heart....Judy, thank you for your insight, compassion and ability. I know God brings people together for a reason and I’m so blessed he led me to you.
— Angel

Tom’s Experience

I went to visit Judy for an energy balancing session. Judy explained everything about it, and what I could expect. The session was unbelievably relaxing and quite wonderful. After the session we discussed what she felt. Judy told me that I had a large imbalance in my system. She continued to explain that she felt a strong area of imbalance near my left breast. Her explanations were very detailed and informative. I left the session extremely relaxed, with a more positive outlook on life.

    Two months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my left breast. I am one of the few men in the world that have suffered from a predominantly female health issue. I have had a mastectomy, and am happily cancer free. After my visit with Judy that December, I paid close attention to the area that Judy told me about (my chest, left side). I developed symptoms in February, having my mastectomy on St Patrick’s Day. I might have ignored some of those symptoms, like most men do, and have had a much worse outcome if I had not had my session with Judy. As we all know early detection of breast cancer is the best defense. I feel that If I had not visited Judy in December, I would not have gone to my doctor as quickly as I did. Although Judy did not detect cancer, she certainly felt that there was an anomaly in my system in the chest area. She is AMAZING!

    Judy has a unique gift and talent. She is very good at what she does. I recommend at least one visit with Judy to see for yourself exactly how wonderful she is. At the very least, you will be very relaxed, and have had a wonderful experience with a very unique woman. I highly recommend Judy, she may have saved my life.
— Tom

Melody’s Experience

We made more progress in one session than I had made in 10 years of psychotherapy! During the first session I remembered the suppressed childhood trauma that had resulted in a lifetime of panic attacks. Judy began the process of releasing this stuck energy, and it had an immediate effect. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
— Melody

Tina’s Experience

The last session was very powerful and has had a very long lasting effect.  I feel like a much more powerful person now. It’s like all of a sudden during the last session I was given my “self” back which had been somehow stolen from me.  There is no question that it is finally me, alone, walking my own path . . . no more black cloud. What does this mean?  It has meant that every single encounter from then on has been different. Every minute, every second, every single day. I think that you’re a remarkable person and I’m so very blessed to have found you along this path! Thank you Judy! Energy healing is very powerful and you have quite a gift!
— Tina

Joan’s Experience

During a Nutcracker season performed by Connecticut’s Nutmeg Conservatory dancers on tour, I developed an abscessed eyetooth and found myself in frightful and constant acute pain. My work included teaching warmup classes for the dancers and giving notes, corrections and encouragement after performances. There wasn’t time to stop for an emergency dental visit.

Judy DeLorenzo was backstage assisting in the makeup department, and is the mother of a young and promising dancer. Through the practice of Reiki, Judy was able to diminish my pain level so that it was possible to function until I could get to my dentist.                             

It is a pleasure to recommend the high skills of Judy DeLorenzo and to cheer her on with a resounding Brava!
— Joan Kunsch, Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts

Margarette’s Experience

I came to know Judy’s energy work through a series of seeming coincidences, but I don’t believe in coincidence. I started working with her, and so far we have had three amazing sessions. I’ve done energy work with people for many years now, and Judy is one of the best. In our first two sessions I was able to jettison a lot of unnecessary “stuff” I was carrying around, and as a result I feel lighter. My sleep is better; my posture is better—a student even said I look taller than I used to. I have taken off a load of “weight” and it shows on the physical plane, as well. 

On the emotional and metaphysical plane, I am also feeling stronger. Judy has helped me through a developmental transition I needed to make in my life (of which I wasn’t fully consciously aware—I was seeking a guide, but I wasn’t sure why) which has already manifested material change in my life.

I appreciate her work so much that I recommended her to my young adult son, which is not something I do lightly as he has very tricky energy. I have since recommended her to two other friends, and I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with my highest regard. If you are in search of an energy healer, she is incredibly talented.

She is also a loving, generous and warm spirit. I feel very safe and protected around her, which is important for proper energy work to take place. She has wonderful instincts combined with sound training, which together have made my life easier and better.
— Margarette, PhD

Jean’s Experience

To be perfectly honest, I was a bit apprehensive about participating in an energy healing. Luckily for me, I did go ahead and participate in this healing session. It will probably be amongst one of the most wonderful and unbelievable experiences in my lifetime. 

Judy has a wonderful gift that she shared with me.  On that day she removed energy blockages in my lower chakras and cut the cords from some unhappy life experiences that were still connected to me. The experience was very dramatic for I became icy cold and felt a cold breeze. I felt a sensation of a vortex of old trauma whirling out of my energy field. Considering that we were inside a heated room and the windows were closed, there was no rationale for how this could have happened, except to understand that there is another realm to life that we must consider and there are many ways for us to heal.

Judy was so wonderful. She quickly wrapped me in a blanket and warmed me because I was shivering from the cold. The entire experience was so moving and so unimaginable. But it happened. I was there and will never forget. For anyone who wants to clear your energy, I would definitely suggest an energy healing session. Now that I think of it, I think that I may need to go and visit with Judy again, and see what surprise awaits me.
— Jean Edson

Cheryl’s Experience

I’ve know Judy for years as a fellow “ballet mom” and have been familiar with her energy work but never experienced it personally until it was needed by my daughter one Nutcracker season.  My daughter was about 12 years old at the time and it was approximately an hour before the curtain rose on a performance when she complained of a stomach ache.  Luckily, Judy was nearby and I asked if there was anything we could do, knowing she was knowledgeable about natural cures, food and herbs. Judy very graciously offered to do some energy healing and took my daughter into a quiet room to work with her. Almost immediately, my daughter was completely over the ache and was full of energy and right back to her normal self. 

I always feel a calming and nurturing energy flowing right off Judy and I believe this only adds to her expertise in her healing work. Thank you Judy!
— Cheryl

Leah’s Experience

When I met Judy I felt like I had just gotten off an extended roller coaster ride.  I had just lost my job, my personal relationships were in a chaotic state and my outlook on my chosen career was falling deeper everyday into a place of uncertainty.  Something inside of me had been crying out. I just never knew for what.  I only knew that I was asking for some type of help and that’s when suddenly it arrived.

I completed a series of four sessions (once a week) back to back with Judy at her studio in NYC.  When I met Judy for the first time I was stressed having arrived 25 minutes late. I noticed that her energy had an immediate calming effect on me. I started to loosen up and as I sat back in my chair I realized how much I wanted to be there. This was the help I had been crying out for.

We talked and got to know each other and after a little while she placed me on the table and began to work. Laying there, I felt a struggle at first with being still but something greater began to dominate the session and I felt my eyes begin to grow heavy. I was allowing myself to finally relax. I could sense Judy working her way through the space and energy surrounding me. After our session ended, I awoke from my sedated state and I felt like I had just emerged from a good night’s sleep. I had been having trouble sleeping with the stress I had been under and had begun to feel a little maniacal from my restless nights. I felt at that moment as refreshed as if I had just gone on a long, extended vacation. We sat down again and discussed both of our experiences through the session. She addressed my plaguing issue of guilt and my need to slow down. It felt like the fact that those things were being vocalized was a step towards addressing the problems that for too long ruled my life. I learned a lot about myself through our sessions. I learned that the reason I had felt so unsatisfied was because I had been giving a lot of my power away, through my personal relationships, jobs, and over all external influences. We completed so much in that first time together that the feeling I had when I left the building was on the opposite end of the spectrum from when I had first arrived. It felt like I had removed the monkey from my back at least for the time being. One of the last things she said to me before I got on the elevator was “Watch out for this upcoming week, energy work causes feelings and instances to arise that will test us. Be aware of them.” I knew that by doing the work I was inviting a plethora of skeletons to come out of the closet. The exciting part was that I felt ready for it. I knew I had to face myself in order to move on.

If you are going to partake in energy work, the best outcome you can obtain is by going in with the intention of confronting every part of yourself. Be excited about it, revel in the fact that it can be challenging but completely worth the experience. She was right, I was being tested but now I felt more than ever, I had the tools to maneuver my way through the testing process. I returned for my next session feeling a new strength churning inside of me. We worked on visualizations, the importance of colors and their effect on us, my creative needs and desires, familial issues that were desperate for attention, the addressing of anger and how to confront it in a healthy way, and many other topics that left me fascinated with myself, without the risk of sounding conceited. I was ultimately starting to see my world in a new light and because of that everything inevitably began to shift and change within it.  Judy’s work helped me see myself and my effect on the world and the influence it has on me. I had arrived so insecure and confused that first day, but through intense energy sessions, even a tonal massage consisting of different instruments, we worked together to chip away at the thick wall that I had been building for myself for quite awhile. I began to sleep better, I started to find work that was exciting and proved to be positive for me (I had been under a lot of duress at a previous job where I had been experiencing psychological and verbal abuse), I learned how to deal with a lot of my emotions, how to visualize what I want and obtain it, and how to maintain my own unique energy in a copacetic manner. Judy is meant to do this. She has wisdom and empathy for the people who come to see her. She takes you in as if you were her own and she puts every ounce of herself into the work she does. She helps you in your creation of the world around you and she helps you see your place in it.

I felt a sense of sadness during our last session, because I had come to look forward to our meetings in her inviting studio space, but by the end of it I felt a sense of excitement because I wanted to apply everything I had just spent time learning to my life. I was ready to put all this powerful information to use. Before I left, Judy put a piece of rose quartz, the color of her lovely studio space, in my hand and told me to hold on to it. I put it in my pocket and went back out into the city, proud of myself for sticking with it and thankful to have had Judy guiding me through.
— Leah Vanessa Bachar