Self healing visualization

The following visualization engages the mind-body connection for the purpose of self healing, and can be used as a complementary therapy during many situations, i.e. injuries, chronic and acute illnesses, stress, depression, pain, and more. When my beloved friend found out she had a breast tumor, she spontaneously created and used this visualization with incredible results. Shannon's tumor shrank from 9 centimeters down to 6 centimeters in just two weeks after using this self-healing technique two or three times a day! As you can imagine, her doctor's were baffled; Shannon, her family, and friends were amazed and very grateful! Many believe that we all possess this mind-body healing potential, and through practice can learn how to access it. The scientific studies conducted so far on the topic of self-healing visualizations and guided imagery to effect a mind-body response show promising results.[1][2][3] The Mayo Clinic suggests a very similar visualization as one technique to relax and reduce stress.[4] Even tennis champion Novak Djokovic uses visualization to improve his performance.[5]

Shannon's Ocean Healing Visualization

Listen to the sounds of ocean waves

As with any visualization or intention, it's important to call in all of your senses. Since this visualization takes place at the ocean (in your mind’s eye), it helps to listen to a recording of ocean sounds. You want to hear the waves coming to shore, and then hear the waves receding. You can listen to one such audio clip below. If you have access to a secluded beach with waves, even better!


Find a comfortable spot that is free of distractions; silence your phone, etc. Shannon used to draw a bath and add sea salt, himalayan salt or epsom salt to the water - but you can also use this visualization while sitting or lying in another comfortable location. Prepare for this experience with reverence, joy, and gratitude; give yourself time so you are not rushed.  Connect with your "Higher Power" (Creator) and connect with your "Higher Self" - the part of you that knows and wants what is for your highest good. Anticipate the healing potential that your Higher Power and Higher Self can achieve when working together. This is a joyous, playful, and creative process.

Clearly verbalize your intention out loud

Some people call this prayer, some call this putting it out into the universe, others call it stating your intention. Just be sure to state it out loud and make it clear what you are trying to achieve. Don't just say, "I want to be healed", instead try to be very specific.  For example, if you are trying to heal a sprained ankle your intention may be to reduce the swelling and inflammation, or to heal torn ligaments so they are normal again.

The visualization

Visualize yourself lying by the ocean's edge. Call in all of your senses.

Smell and taste the salt water spray.

Hear the sea gulls.

Feel the warmth of the sun.

Feel the wet sand beneath you

(all in your mind's eye).

And so you're lying by the water, and the waves roll onto shore and the warm water covers you with love, covers you with healing water. The water is a beautiful ocean green.

Then as the waves recede, visualize the water drawing out whatever needs to be healed.  Maybe the water draws out fatigue, pain, a virus, inflammation, a cyst, or even a tumor. Maybe the waves cover you with healing waters which mend a fracture, laceration, or surgical wounds. Maybe the waves cover you with peace and draw out anxiety, panic, stress or exhaustion. Be specific in what you are envisioning. You know what you need — make the visual yours.

Remember to breathe. Breathe in healing energy and breathe out the injury, illness, disease, emotional trauma, etc.

Closing thoughts

The more time you put into self healing techniques, the better the results. So not only is it more effective to use this visualization during a longer session, it is more effective if it is used multiple times a week, or even multiple times a day.

As you finish, remember to think of yourself as already healed.  And please remember to give thanks. Thanks for learning how to self-heal, thanks for being healed, thanks for your Creator's love and assistance, thanks for everything. Gratitude is important! And in that spirit, thank you Shannon for sharing this priceless mind-body technique with us, inspiring us to connect with our deepest wisdom, and teaching us the power of self love combined with the power of our Creator's love.

Below you will find a video clip to first help you visualize the waves ebbing and flowing, and also a lovely audio clip to listen to while practicing this visualization. The audio clip may take awhile to load and play, so please be patient.

Video credit: Mike Giovanetti -  Puerto Galera, Phillipines



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Disclaimer:  All information is offered to assist one's innate ability to balance body, mind, emotions & spirit. Clients are encouraged to seek advice from medical doctors in addition to considering complementary and alternative practices.