The Universe Provides Holly with Her Dream Ride

Holly and her mother Mindy were fellow students of Transformational Energy Healing. We were at the point in our training where we were learning about the power of intention when Holly’s old jalopy died once more. Holly didn’t think it was worth sinking more money into it, and was considering other options. That’s when Mindy suggested that she and Holly put into practice what had just been recently taught regarding manifesting our desires.

These two ladies recalled the story for us at our next class weekend. We had been taught that it is very important to be very specific when requesting something of the Universe, God, or whomever you are choosing to express your intention towards. So Holly made a list of what she was looking for in a new, old car. She decided if she was going to make her intentions known, she might as well request a car that she REALLY wanted. And what she really wanted was a classic. Not just any classic, she wanted an obscure classic in a specific color. Holly wanted a red, Pontiac Catalina convertible from the ‘60s! Well, why not? If you’re going to have a specific dream to try and bring into fruition it might as well be something nearly impossible to find, just to test the waters and see if the power of intention is real. Oh, and the car needed to be found right away, and it also needed to be in good condition and dirt cheap because Holly, as it turned out, was fairly broke.

So the two ladies got busy. They sat on the couch and visualized this wonderful car that would soon be Holly’s. They knew that it would help to draw in all of their senses, so they visualized themselves sitting side by side in Holly’s convertible with their hair blowing in the wind. They envisioned how great riding in this awesome car would feel with the breeze and the sun shining on their faces. They smelled the fields and greenery as they drove by. After having this session of creating and sensing the perfect car for Holly, the two of them thanked the Universe for listening and bringing this request into fruition as if it already happened.

Over the next several days both Holly and Mindy put some effort into manifesting this miracle. And it truly is a miracle because within two weeks Holly was the incredulous owner of a classic, red, Pontiac Catalina convertible that cost a mere $400.00, in excellent condition! To Holly’s delight, she saw the For Sale sign on the windshield of the car of her dreams parked just a couple of blocks away from her home. An elderly woman, that only drove to church on Sundays, had finally decided to sell her car since she was no longer able to drive!

I kid you not : )