Seeing Vital Energy

Our bodies and all things are imbued with life energy. This life force has been given various names throughout time – for instance Qi or Chi in China, Ki in Japan, Prana in India and Tibet, Waken by the Lakotas, Orenda by the Iroquois, Megbe by the Ituri Pygmies, and The Holy Spirit by the Christian tradition. When I first began to study Transformational Energy Healing, I began to actually see this energy! What was interesting is that my kids could all see this fluid, vibrating field as well, even though they weren’t going through the training; my youngest exclaimed at the time “I see air, Mommy!” My hope is that you will also see this vibrating energy with a bit of encouragement and information.

Have you heard about the “zero point energy field” or “the field”? These are buzz words that scientists studying quantum physics use. This area of science is in its infancy but it is already turning traditional theories upside down, and this inquiry is also finally merging science with spirituality. Quantum physicists are finding that in this field all possibilities exist and it is consciousness that determines outcome. It connects every living thing in the universe – and also connects us to the past, present and future as well!  Accessing this living library is how I receive information and help clients heal during Transformational Energy Healing sessions.

The following are excerpts from the book, The Field, by Lynne McTaggart. “Perhaps the most essential ingredient of this interconnected universe was the living consciousness that observed it. It was discovered, the state of all possibilities of any quantum particle collapsed into a set entity as soon as it was observed or a measurement taken. To explain these strange events, quantum physicists had postulated that a participatory relationship existed between observer and observed – these particles could only be considered as ‘probably’ existing in space and time until they were ‘perturbed’, and the act of observing and measuring them forced them into a set state – an act akin to solidifying Jell-O. This astounding observation also had shattering implications about the nature of reality. It suggested that the consciousness of the observer brought the observed object into being. Nothing in the universe existed as an actual ‘thing’ independently of our perception of it. Every minute of every day we were creating our world.”

Kind of hard to wrap your mind around, isn’t it?  Through my studies, prayers, and meditation my personal conclusion is that our Creator is the main Spark and we are the sparklers. We have been created, and in turn we can create using the gifts that the Source has given us – the field of possibilities.

Would you like to try and see this vibrating, vital energy field? After all, seeing is believing. For your first attempt I suggest trying on a sunny day when the sky is blue and vibrant. Go outside and look up at the sky in a relaxed state. By relaxed state I don’t mean in a meditative state. It’s more like the state you go into when driving your car or taking a shower. Gaze at the sky softly, not intently. You may not see it at first, just be patient. You don’t look far into the distance, but rather look at the “air” a few feet above you and just a few feet ahead of you. You may see it first in the periphery of your vision. They look like vibrating particles, or pulsating energies. They wiggle almost like amoebas swimming. The particles look clear, yet you can see definition. Soften your vision and intend to see this vital life energy. If you don’t see it at first, try later on or on another day. Once you see it, you’ll always be able to see it when you turn your attention towards this sea of possibility. I find the energy more vibrant on a sunny day or in nature, however, I can also see it indoors even on a cloudy day now that I’ve practiced.

You may also want to practice seeing the auras of trees. Softly gaze at the outline of trees on a sunny day and you may be surprised to see the energy field around them. Typically I see tree auras as clear elusive energy. But one particular day I fell asleep underneath our maple tree and when I awoke I was surprised to see the leaves enveloped in vibrant blue energy! After a while the auras went back to being elusive and clear.

Photo credit: Strange Magee

Once you are accustomed to seeing the vital energy field and tree auras, you may spontaneously see other energies. I see energy pulsating around me in the morning when I first awake. I believe this is my own aura; it is clear and pulses to my heartbeat. Sometimes when I first wake up I also see yellow energy skirting around the ceiling. This yellow energy is fluid and more formed than the pulsing of my aura or the particles swimming in the field. Once I saw red globes of energy pulsating out of the tops of people’s heads while they were practicing yoga. Another day I saw similar red globes pulsating up and out of the tops of tall trees while visiting my grandparents’ homeland, Prince Edward Island. One time while I was taking a shower, the shower filled up with what looked like champagne bubbles. They even tickled when they bumped into me and popped. Then there was the magical morning, just before sunrise, when I saw fairy travel globes . . . but that’s another delightful story for a separate blog post. Even more incredible is that on very rare moments I am blessed to see a fluid ever-changing grid of numbers hanging in the air – what I assume is the sea of endless possibilities in motion, waiting to be solidified into reality through consciousness.

One person’s positive thoughts send beneficial ripples into the field. Can you imagine the kind of world we could co-create if everyone mindfully practiced turning only loving, compassionate, and fruitful thoughts into our reality, for the mutual benefit of all?