Kevin's Out of Body Experience

I'd like to share an incredible experience my son had when he was working at a bakery several years back. A large, heavy colander from a shelf up above landed on the bridge of his nose and he was knocked out from the impact. Dave, his roommate and boss at the time, was also working that evening and he came to Kevin's aid. His first reaction was to shake Kevin and call his name, and in doing so Kevin jumped up and got back on his feet. But when he did so, only his body jumped up. His spirit was out of his body! He only stayed conscious for a moment and then he blacked out again. Dave caught him this time as Kevin slid back to the floor. Kevin said his spirit or essence was up on the ceiling looking down and he could see his limp body as well as Dave trying to desperately rouse him. After several seconds, he spontaneously jumped back into his body and came to. Wow!

Aside from passing out twice and having a spontaneous out of body experience, Kevin sustained a gash at the bridge of his nose that required an emergency room visit. Not your typical night at work! But on the bright side, now Kevin knows first hand that his consciousness and his body can be separated.

So what do you think . . . does this prove the existence of an afterlife? It sure supports my belief that when our body dies, our spirit or consciousness stays alive and leaves our body to experience another dimension or life.