A Miracle Called Shannon

Shannon shed her earthly body on December 28, 2007 and her spirit passed into another dimension that many call Heaven. It’s never easy to say goodbye to a loved one, especially someone as young and special as Shannon. Her life and her death touched so many in our community and she will never be forgotten.

Shannon, like me, was raised in a large city and then moved to our idyllic small country town as a young adult. When raising our families we lived only a couple of miles apart. Before we met each other we had even named our children similar names: Lauren/Laura, Christian/Christopher, Conner/Kevin.  Shannon’s youngest was named Matthew, the name we almost gave our younger son. So it was no surprise to find out her family had a dog named Comet, the name of our dog at the time. Our lives intersected occasionally as our children were growing up in the community, but then in 2002 we became closer as we both embarked on a three year course called Transformational Energy Healing.  Shannon was a gifted healer and her generosity of time and self was an inspiration to many. It is only fitting that I share with you stories highlighting Shannon’s ability to heal herself and others, because in this way she can continue to be an inspiration.

When Shannon first learned that she had breast cancer, a friend gave her a CD of ocean sounds to help her relax. The doctor had already determined her tumor to be 9 centimeters in size; she was to have surgery in two weeks. During the two weeks before surgery Shannon instinctively began to use her mind/body connection to self heal. She drew a bath two or more times a day, added epsom salts to the warm water, and while soaking in her candle lit bath she listened to the soothing ocean sounds. Shannon would visualize herself lying by the ocean’s edge, and as the waves flowed over the shore she saw in her mind’s eye the warm water covering her with God’s love. Then as the ocean waters receded, Shannon would visualize the tumor being drawn out of her breast. After continuing this practice for two weeks she had the surgery, and what her doctor found was astonishing. Shannon’s tumor had shrunk by 3 centimeters; it was a third smaller than it was two weeks prior!

Shannon was told that she had an aggressive form of cancer and her prognosis was not good from the beginning. However, the experience of shrinking her own tumor had a positive, uplifting effect, which gave Shannon the strength and confidence to fight her illness from many fronts. In addition to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, Shannon began the Transformational Energy Healing course which taught her additional ways to self heal and gave her the opportunity to receive many hands on healings from her teachers and fellow students, since this was the way we practiced the techniques being taught. I’ll never forget the first time Shannon and I were paired up together; she laid on the massage table first. I placed my hands on her feet and worked my way up her body as was being taught. When I touched Shannon’s head the most amazing thing happened. I saw what looked like a lightening bolt flash in the room while my hands felt an incredible rush of energy, like an electric shock! Our teachers and other class members also saw the flash. I knew it was an important event, a remembering of sorts, as our energies touched each other in this spark of recognition. We learned so many things about ourselves during those three years. In addition to learning various healing techniques, the focus was also about healing our own past traumas, “healing the healer,” so we could be a better conduit for the energies flowing through us and into our clients.

Shannon’s self healing abilities and the techniques she was learning were applied when she was going through the various allopathic cancer treatments. For instance, the doctors told Shannon she would lose all of her hair after the first chemotherapy treatment. Now this was not acceptable to Shannon, she felt her hair was her finest physical attribute and she wasn’t about to give it up. So during every chemotherapy session Shannon intended that the drugs were only killing the cancer cells by using her own “Pac-Man visualization.” She’d envision only the cancer cells being gobbled up, while the healthy cells were left alone – and this worked!  Shannon never lost her hair, even after going through multiple rounds of chemo, to the amazement of her doctors.

The doctor’s original prognosis was that she’d live for 6 months but Shannon proved them wrong and lived almost 5 years with a high quality of life for most of that time. During those years she grew several new tumors and then would shrink them with her self healing abilities. Unfortunately it took a lot of her time and energy; she eventually couldn’t keep up with the demand and succumbed to her illness.

Throughout Shannon’s illness I witnessed an abundance of love and compassion by family and friends in the community and it was one of the most touching and inspirational periods in my life. Shannon adored the Christmas season and when her health declined during her last December all she wanted was to make it through Christmas. She was too weak to do self healing at this point, so dozens of people that knew her and loved her came to her aid through prayer and healing intentions. For several weeks I held healing circles, group healing visualization sessions on her behalf. The attendance was amazing, up to 35 people would attend! On Christmas Eve, three days before her passing, a caroling event was organized by friends and approximately 100 people showed up to sing Christmas Carols outside of Shannon’s home while she watched and listened through her multi-windowed family room. Now that’s the spirit of Christmas. Shannon always had a way of pulling out the very best in people : )

I loved you then, I love you still, I always have, I always will