My First Lesson In Synchronicity

What I am about to share with you is not an exaggeration for dramatic effect. In this depiction, as with all of my posts, I am going to describe events the way they happened, sans embellishments.

During the course of two and a half years, when my three children were quite young, a peculiar synchronicity happened without fail every single time I parked my vehicle in a parking lot. I parked in parking lots several times each week when shopping for groceries, visiting the mall, stopping at the post office, and such – and I usually had the kids with me. What I am going to describe may seem trivial at first glance, but I want you to really put yourself in my shoes and let the magnitude of these happenings fully sink in.

For over two years, every single time we returned to our van after shopping, doing errands, going to the movies, park, beach, playground, and more – the person parked directly next to our van returned to their vehicle at exactly the same time! Sometimes it was the person parked to the left of our van and sometimes it was the person parked to the right. This pattern did not fail once during those two and a half years; it happened every single time.

The kids and I couldn’t help but notice this odd phenomena. We would leave the store or mall and look for the person that we knew would magically make their way to their vehicle, parked to the left or right of ours, arriving at the same time. Usually we couldn’t spot them in advance though. I’d roll the cart towards our van, start unloading packages, and voila, they would arrive and have to wait for us to be done before they could load up and back out of their parking spot. If they got to their vehicle before us, then I would have to wait for them to be done before opening doors, loading up, and buckling kids into seats. Not one time went by without this extraordinary course of events.

I even began to test matters by parking in different areas of the various parking lots. It didn’t matter. If I parked somewhere remote and there wasn’t anyone parked next to me, by the time we returned to our van there would be another vehicle parked next to us and the occupant would be returning to it at the same time as us. I began to tell these other people, who were somehow part of this mystery, about what was happening. They just looked at me like I had two heads.

One day this phenomena abruptly stopped. In subsequent years it seemed to start back up a couple of times, but sadly these adventures did not return.

So what does it mean, and exactly who arranged this, and exactly how did this happen? I have more questions than I have answers a lot of the time and this is no exception. I imagine it has something to do with the field that quantum physics talks about, but back then in the late ’90s I hadn’t yet heard of the field. Overall this was a delightful experience for me and the kids; it made our excursions feel magical. When it was happening I knew I was witnessing something profound, and it reminded me that there is undoubtedly more to our existence than meets the eye. I felt like I was on my right path and being watched over. It also prepared our family for other incredible events what would happen several years later. Someone or something was playing with us, and we enjoyed every moment!